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It is for us, a joy and a pleasure, to find for you the most unique accessories to make your outfits perfect, to transform your look into a Kose Rose Look, to help you find your own Kose Rose style.

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Mini dress

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Cardigan aperto

Winter mood

Outfit rosso

Poncho pizzo

!00% cachemire

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Kose Rose Collection

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Kose Rose Collection

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Camicia jeans

Mini dress

Mini dress

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Le Naty

Collezione Le Naty

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Argento e zirconi muticolor

Bracciali personalizzabili

Mix di collane rosa

Collane lunghe

Collane modello tiffany

Doppia collana


mix di bracciali

Bracciali personalizzabili

Micro charms

Mix di collane

Collane croce


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Tris di anelli

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Nuovi anelli

Anello in argento e zirconi.

Chevalier da mignolo

Anelli in argento e zirconi

Anelli chain

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Borsa Forte Dei Marmi

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Orecchini amore

Orecchini rosa dei venti

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Micro cerchietti

Orecchini swarovski

Military green

Orecchino Dublos

Orecchino Dublos

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Orecchini rossi

Dori Csengeri

Dori Csengeri

Occhiali da vista

Occhiali da sole swarovski

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Profumo per persona

Il Profvmo